Today, and on lots of other days this month, we’ve been talking about multiplicity. It feels central to what happens next. We’ve been talking about not fixing people too tightly: in professional roles; in their identifying characteristics; in their relationships with and to Quarantine and the stuff we make.

We’ve spent a bit of time redrawing, literally, in doodles on a notebook, the structure of the organisation. We’ve abandoned the organogram that sat in our old business plan. We’re moving away from flow-charts that divide people into fixed boxes and hierarchies, towards interlinking shapes that are connected and overlapping. We’ll all spend some time in all of the shapes at different moments. Some of us will move between them more fluidly than others. We’re not pretending that we don’t have roles or people in charge, but we are creating a space where what and who those are can change from day to day. It’s likely an imperfect model. Of course. Nothing drawn on a piece of paper works the same in real life. But we’re asking important questions about business models, and where they come from, and what they enable and serve. We hope we’ll all learn something new. We’re figuring out the best way for us, as this particular set of people at this particular moment in time, to work together. We’re trying to create the best circumstances for making things (art) happen. We’re trying to put the making of things (art) at the centre of everything we do as Quarantine. We’ve started calling ourselves an ensemble of artists and producers rather than a theatre company.

Sometimes we’ll still make things that look and feel like theatre. 


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