Today we’re posting the second response that we’ve had from Steve Finbow.  Thanks Steve.  He’s just finished reading The Years by Annie Ernaux that we posted an extract from on our Eighteenth Night.


Begin forwarded message:

From: Steve Finbow <>
Date: 25 November 2018 at 16:34:20 GMT
To: Kate Daley <>
Subject: Q&A



images atteched

past 20 years – Kiefer, Chapman, Inland Empire

present – Aleppo before/after, Brexit

future – Nerdrum, Mars, Hisaharu




Within the period 5th November 1998 to this very day (and beyond), could you please answer (some of) the following:

1) Moments of (popular) culture that spring to mind or seem to have stuck – David Peace’s Red Riding Quartet (1999-2002), The Sopranos, Tom McCarthy’s Remainder, David Lynch’s Inland Empire.

2) Political or social events that remain with you – the hope for and then the betrayal by New Labour, Cameron’s cowardice, the insanity that is Brexit.

3) What’s the most important thing that’s happening right now? – Brexit.

4) What’s theatre for? – Questioning.

5) What occupies you most right now? Writing and adapting that writing to a world that has lost its identity and seems to be hurtling into chaos and extinction.

6) 3 images of the past 20 years – see attached.

7) 3 images of now – see attached.

8) 3 images of the future – see attached.

9) What should Quarantine be? As it was but more so.

10) What should Quarantine not be? Proscenium arched and backward looking.

11) What sounds should we play? Noise music – which is pretty much anything considering one’s taste.

12) What do we need to do? – Stir things up, smooth things out.

13) What should we do? Man the barricades.

14) What’s important to do? Deal with the bullshit.

15) What’s urgent to do? Stop the system.

16) Will our future work be theatre?  (If so, why so; if not, why not?) Theatre is life with the odd round of applause and bad ticket sales.

17) What will the future look like? Chaos and extinction with the Benny Hill theme tune playing in the background.

18) What will our future work look like? The Shibuya Crossing.

19) Write 3 statements for a manifesto. Know yourselves – be infertile and let the earth be silent after ye. To conceive a thought – just one, but one that would tear the universe to pieces. Language is the agony of the nearness of the distant.

20) Write an apology for all we’ve done wrong and the work that’s failed. Don’t be sorry. At least you tried. And don’t listen to that Samuel Beckett fella.

21) What questions should I have asked? The one you ask yourself every day.


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