Today’s full of doubt and certainty.

What if she hadn’t got ill?

What if he’d taken that job?

What if he lived nearer?

What if we spent more time together?

What if they weren’t a couple?

What if we never toured a show again?

What if we only did residencies?

What if our work was only visible to those who took part and those living close to where we make it?

What if we never took another photograph of our work?

What if we did stop?

What if we don’t know how to do anything else?

What if we’d never met?

What if he really wanted to design frocks?

What if he wanted to make work that was as funny as he is?

What if we didn’t get a grant?

What if we’d remained based in Amsterdam?

What if it doesn’t matter what we do?

What if he left?

What if I left?

What if she left?

What if nobody noticed?

What if every new work had to be performed once for free?

What if nothing needs to be made?

What if that was ok?

What if every time we make a new project we have to work with one new person?

What if we only work with the people we’ve worked with?

What if theatre is only entertainment?

What if that was ok?

What if it doesn’t matter?

What if we decide to hand it over?

What if that’s what we’re doing right now?

What if we decide to keep it forever?

What if it isn’t ours anyway?

What if we haven’t got a fucking clue what we’re doing?

What if we already know that?

What if we were to admit to it in public?

What if that was part of it?

What if age doesn’t stop us?

What if we always ate with the audience before/after/during the show?

What if we always paid one audience group to attend, who would they be?

What if we documented the process of making everything?

What if we published the instructions to make each show, what would they look like?

What if we had our own performance space?

What if we didn’t have a website?

What if ‘what if’ is the only question?




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