Today we’re going to think about moments of (popular) culture that spring to mind or seem to have stuck in the 20 years since we started working as Quarantine. 

Kate remembers.

Being in a taxi and the taxi man telling us that Diana was dead.  I was 7, and we had been to see my Auntie in New Zealand and we were on our way home. But I’ve just realised I can’t have that one because it was 1997. But it was the first bit of ‘news’ I ever absorbed. I just couldn’t understand why so many people were crying when they had never met her. How could you feel so strongly about someone that you hadn’t even said hello to. 

Being sat under my mums ironing board when 9/11 happened. 

Trying to think of something more pop’y but all I can think of are moments of sudden deaths. Sudden feels important. I wonder about the differences between a sudden change and a gradual one. 


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